We are looking for experienced business performance consultants 

Navidus Consulting has a variety of working relationships with the wider Navidus team, including both permanent employees and affiliates. 

Many senior menbers of the team are self employed consultants specialising in Businees Performance and fluent in Cloud implementations. These Consultng Partners and Directors use Navidus as a source of intellectual capital and a route to market. They use Navidus as a source of skilled resources to build up teams on projects they are leading. They are also brought into various projects as delivery resources.  

This permanents plus affiliates structure allows us to maintain a very broad range of skills, and allows members of the team to have Navidus as one component of a portfolio career.

We are also building up a network of service organisations who compliment our capabilities. Of course, like Navidus, these companies are completly independent of any Cloud Suppliers. 

All of the Navidus team are motivitated by the opportunty for re-invention that our clients gain when deploying Cloud Business Services. They are members of an engaged team, developing the Navidus proposition, and transferring skills to our clients.

Navidus is enabled by Cloud Business Services.

The cloud based collaboration tools that Navidus provide to the team promote fluid communication and knowledge sharing between team members.    

Navidus provide transparent back office services to both self-employed and directly employed staff, including support staff, email, accounting, and tax services.  

If you think that you would enjoy working with us, and that you can add value to our Clients, email us at with your CV, your contact details, and your proposal.

Navidus Consultants help our clients use the cloud to improve business performance.

We know where value can be found in your business.

Our methods integrate Legacy and Cloud solutions.

Our approach is value driven, we contract for business outcomes.

  • What the Experts say….

    Cloud computing has reached an inflection point for enterprises... a comprehensive strategy for its use is now required.   - John R. Rymer Forrester May 2012

  • What the Experts say…

    “The global platform-as-a-service (PaaS) market will cross the $14 billion mark in 2017 with CAGR of almost 30%"   Robert Mahowald, VP  International Data Corp. (IDC) Nov 2013

  • What the Experts Say.

    The 2012 value of the enterprise mobile SaaS market is now estimated at $2 billion... revenues will reach $4.7 billion in 2017.   Strategy Analytics Nov 2013

  • What the Experts Say..

    “Line-of-business leaders everywhere are bypassing IT departments to get applications from the cloud (aka SaaS) and paying for them like they would a magazine subscription.” – Daryl Plummer, Gartner Mar 2013