Our thinking

How can we help you with your Cloud Strategy? 

The stage you are at in your developing your cloud strategy will determine what in our thinking will be most useful to you.

It seems to be all about IT... what does Cloud means in terms of Business Impact?

It sounds like a lot of hype, the “next big thing” .... again. How can I find out about the real potential business benefits of Cloud?

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Cloud Solutions deliver

Cloud Solutions deliver

From 25% to 50% measurable savings in TCO.

Established organisations with complex legacy systems will have approx 20% of SW as SaaS in 3 Years.

Newer organisations will be as much as 80% SaaS.

Navidus Consultants help our clients use the cloud to improve business performance.

We know where value can be found in your business.

Our methods integrate Legacy and Cloud solutions.

Our approach is value driven, we contract for business outcomes.